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How The Market Will Look That Is Esports in Malaysia

Esports is a popular phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. With competitions that can be watched live or streamed later, esports is perfect for a global audience. Now, Malaysia is getting in on the esports action with the launch of the country’s first professional gaming league. As one of the most populous countries in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has an opportunity to become a top esports destination. In this blog post, we will explore the market potential for esports in Malaysia and look at some ways you can get involved.

Esports is becoming a popular sport in Malaysia

Esports is becoming a popular sport in Malaysia. This was evident from the recent participation of Malaysian teams in international tournaments, where they have shown great performances. With the increase in awareness and popularity of esports in Malaysia, businesses are starting to take notice and invest in this growing industry.

There are several factors that are contributing to the growth of esports in Malaysia. First, esports is a relatively new sport that is growing rapidly in popularity. As more people become aware of it, they start to appreciate its merits and want to participate in it. Secondly, esports in Malaysia is also an affordable sport to participate in. Compared to traditional sports like football or basketball, esports can be played by a wider range of people without requiring expensive equipment or facilities. Finally, the Malaysian government has been supportive of the growth of esports in Malaysia over recent years and has provided initiatives and support to help promote its growth. This has helped make Malaysia one of the most favourable environments for esports development and growth.

There are still some challenges that need to be overcome for esports in Malaysia to achieve greater mainstream acceptance in Malaysia. For example, there is a lack of established rules and regulations governing esports competitions which can make it difficult for aspiring players to take part in high-level tournaments. Additionally, many Malaysians still view gaming as a form of entertainment rather than a competitive sport which needs to change before full mainstream acceptance can be realised. However, with continued investment by businesses and support from the Malaysian government, we expect esports to continue growing in popularity throughout 2019 and beyond.

Some of the benefits of playing esports

Some of the benefits of playing esports include developing hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. Esports in Malaysia is growing faster than any other sport with a total prize pool reaching RM2 million (~$548,000) in 2018 alone. The market for esports in Malaysia currently spans across mobile gaming, console gaming, and online streaming. There are a number of sponsors that are keen to get involved in the market of esports in Malaysia such as Astro and Maxis who have both sponsored teams such as Mineski and Thunderbirds respectively. 

Tournaments held in Malaysia typically draw tens of thousands of spectators which has helped legitimize the industry and encouraged bigger companies to invest. The Malaysian Esports League (MSL) was launched in 2017 with the aim of promoting esports as an entertainment option while also providing support to local players. There are currently over 100 registered players from across different games including Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Super Smash Bros., Hearthstone, Vainglory and World Of Tanks.

The different types of esports

Esports is quickly growing into one of the most popular and lucrative forms of entertainment. With dedicated arenas and tournaments popping up all over the world, there are a variety of esports that cater to different audiences. Here’s a look at the different types of esports in Malaysia:

1) Console gaming: Consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are extremely popular among esports fans, as they offer high-quality graphics and gameplay. This type of esports is typically more competitive than PC gaming, with players vying for first place in global tournaments.

2) Mobile gaming: Mobile gaming is another popular form of esports, as it’s easy to access and watch. Players compete head-to-head in real time on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Popular mobile games include Clash Royale and Candy Crush Saga.

3) PC gaming: PC gaming is king when it comes to competitive play, as keyboard and mouse setups offer superior control over movement and strategy. The biggest PC-based tournaments draw thousands of spectators from around the world.

4) Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA): MOBAs are a popular type of esports that pit teams of three players against each other in strategic fights. These games can be played on computers or mobile devices, and have millions of fans across the globe. Some well-known MOBAs include League of Legends and DOTA 2.

How to become a professional esports player

To become a professional esports player, there are a few things you need to do first.

1. Get good at playing your favourite video game: The most important thing you can do is to get really good at the game you want to play as an esport. This means practicing and playing as much as possible.

2. Join a competitive team: After getting really good at the game, it’s time to join a competitive team and start grinding in tournaments. Tournament play will help you improve your skills even more and will also give you experience dealing with other professionals.

3. Make a name for yourself: Once you’ve joined a competitive team and been grinding in tournaments for some time, it’s time to make a name for yourself in the esports betting world by winning big competitions. This takes hard work, talent, and determination – just like any other career path!


Esports is one of the fastest growing sports around the world and Malaysia is no exception. With tournaments such as The International, ESL One Genting and IEM Katowice becoming annual events, it’s not hard to see why esports betting is gaining so much traction in Malaysia. This article will explore some of the reasons behind this growth and how the market will look that is esports in Malaysia in the future. Stay tuned for more!

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