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Are esports part of the Olympics?

The esports Olympic games are the world’s largest games event. And esports are not yet part of the Olympic games, but the appeal was brought to the international Olympic committee in 2016 to make esports part of the Olympics. And as a result, there are possibilities that esports could be a part of Olympic 2024 as a demonstrational event or appear in a medal event.

Can esports consider equally to traditional sports?

Though both sports are different, the question is whether they will be treated equally or not. So, firstly let’s talk about esports, esports Olympics are played virtually by professionals, and there are huge chances of winning prize money. Still, at the same, you need skills, a sense of the game, and experience to play and win in esports betting. Now let’s come on to traditional games, which also need a lot of skills, knowledge, and hard work. And they are already part of the Olympics. And if we compare both sports the difference, there is a difference but not in that they couldn’t be treated equally. Of course, everyone has their opinions, and every thought is valid.

The esports events which could appear in Olympics

Here are some of the esports Olympic events which could be part of the Olympics in 2024

World cyber games

World cyber games that are WCG established in 2000 in south Korea by international cyber marketing. Due to the financial crisis, WCG ceased temporally in 2014 but again in 2019, the game entered the market with new investors. Though the game’s history is not attractive and not stable, it could be possible with the help of government funding.

IeSF world championship

South Korea is one of the most popular in esports betting. That’s why there are a lot of games originating from South Korea. IeSF world championship also developed in South Korea. The play debuted in 2009 and successfully became a part of different cities.

World electronic esports games

World electronic esports games WESG were first steamed in 2016 by Ali spots. The game became an international esports betting tournament due to the support of higher financial banking as Ali sports, which comes under the popular Chinese business group Alibaba. Esports are male-dominated platforms, but electronic esports games also include female-only tournaments worldwide, which supports females to explore more about esports.

Does esports deserve to be part of the Olympics?

If we discuss whether the esports Olympics deserve to appear on the Olympics or not, then some will say yes, and some will say no, according to their mindsets. There is no doubt that traditional and esports betting is not similar; one needs physical practice more, and another needs mind practice more. But one thing which is identical in both sports is that they both need hard work, dedication, and a lot of effort to play and win the game. Though, the discussion on this topic can never end. So, waiting and watching for the 2024 Olympic games event is better.

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